Digital Slickline (DSL) using radio frequency (RF) communications has been deployed in the field since late 2016 and has completed more than 600 jobs, and 2000 runs globally. Several papers have been published outlining how DSL has been deployed for eline replacement services such as perforating, explosive and non-explosive plug setting, production logging, and various other services. What has been less discussed are the efficiencies with surface readout (SRO) downhole data during typical slickline (SL) interventions where jarring is the prominent feature. RF DSL was introduced to the market in late 2016, and since this time, the split between SL and eline replacement services has been relatively consistent at 60/40. The separation isn't unreasonable as most interventions start as SL to prepare the well, move to a diagnostic or well repair phase, and close-out with SL to bring the well back onto production. Case histories presented will outline how SRO in-situ data give operations confidence tasks were completed as planned on gas lift change-outs and non-typical functions like a smart hole finder for leak detection.

Today, we have an adequate sample size to validate the efficiency improvements deploying RF DSL compared to the traditional SL/eline intervention model. The one rig up setup off a small footprint slickline unit has proven to save multiple hours depending on the intervention complexity, and the number of eline rig up & rig down sequences eliminated. As the technology gains acceptance, the tool portfolio has continuously expanded, and we have started to leverage opportunities on traditional slickline services to minimize deferred production. Efficiency savings are well documented, but the paper will also detail the polymer-coated cable performance, with focus on breaking strength, corrosive parameters, wellbore fluid compatibility and new critical performance indicators completed before each job. We will close out by summarizing some of the newer technologies that will continue the improved efficiency theme.

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