A set of 5 wells were to be drilled with directional Coiled Tubing Drilling (CTD) on the North Slope of Alaska. The particular challenges of these wells were the fact that the desired laterals were targeted to be at least 6000ft long, at a shallow depth. Almost twice the length of laterals that are regularly drilled at deeper depths. The shallow depth meant that 2 of the 5 wells involved a casing exit through 3 casings which had never been attempted before. After drilling, the wells were completed with a slotted liner, run on coiled tubing. This required a very smooth and straight wellbore so that the liner could be run as far as the lateral had been drilled.

Various methods were considered to increase lateral reach, including, running an extended reach tool, using friction reducer, increasing the coiled tubing size and using a drilling Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) that could drill a very straight well path. All of these options were modelled with tubing forces software, and their relative effectiveness was evaluated.

The drilling field results easily exceeded the minimum requirements for success. This project demonstrated record breaking lateral lengths, a record length of liner run on coiled tubing in a single run, and a triple casing exit. The data gained from this project can be used to fine-tune the modelling for future work of a similar nature.

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