Successful reservoir surveillance and production monitoring is a key component for effectively managing any field production strategy. For production logging in openhole horizontal extended reach wells (ERWs), the challenges are formidable and extensive; logging these extreme lengths in a cased hole would be difficult enough, but are considerably exaggerated in the openhole condition. A coiled tubing (CT) logging run in open hole must also contend with increased frictional forces, high dogleg severity, a quicker onset of helical buckling and early lockup. The challenge to effectively log these ERWs is further complicated by constraints in the completion where electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) are installed including a 2.4" bypass section.

Although hydraulically powered coiled tubing tractors already existed, a slim CT tractor with real-time logging capabilities was not available in the market. In partnership with a specialist CT tractor manufacturer, a slim logging CT tractor was designed and built to meet the exceptional demands to pull the CT to target depth. The tractor is 100% hydraulically powered, with no electrical power allowing for uninterrupted logging during tractoring. The tractor is powered by the differential pressure from the bore of the CT to the wellbore, and is operated by a pre-set pump rate from surface.

Developed to improve the low coverage in open hole ERW logging jobs, the tractor underwent extensive factory testing before being deployed to the field. The tractor was rigged up on location with the production logging tool and ran in hole. Once the coil tubing locked up, the tractor was activated and pulled the coil to cover over 90% of the open hole section delivering a pulling force of up to 3,200 lb. Real-time production logging was conducted simultaneously with the tractor activated, flowing and shut-in passes were completed to successfully capture the zonal inflow profile. Real-time logging with the tractor is logistically efficient and allows instantaneous decision making to repeat passes for improved data quality.

The new slim logging tractor is the world's slimmest most compact, and the first of its kind CT tractor that enables production logging operations in horizontal extended reach open hole wells. The ability to successfully log these extended reach wells cannot be understated, reservoir simulations and management decisions can only as good as the quality of data available. Some of the advantages of drilling extended reach wells such as increased reservoir contact, reduced footprint and less wells drilled will be lost if sufficient reservoir surveillance cannot be achieved. To maximize the benefits of ERWs, creative solutions and innovative designs must continually be developed to push the boundaries further.

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