Suez Oil Company in Egypt encountered well integrity issues due to a suspected leak in a 3 ½-in completion, in a gas well in Desouq, Nile Delta Region. This led to well closure and consequent loss of production. (figure 1) The memory multi-finger caliper was showing pitting but was not conclusive on identifying the leak point. Suez Oil Company required a rig-less solution to diagnose and pinpoint the leak and repair the well, so production could resume. (figure 2) However, conducting well intervention techniques on conventional slickline could not provide precise depth placement, much less real-time control and monitoring capabilities to confirm operations. Production logging services were deployed on E-line to detect the leak point in the tubing in real time by the variation of the quartz gauge's pressure and temperature measurements and spinner rotation associated with the flow. Once the Leak point was properly identified, Straddle system was deployed to remediate the leak, utilizing digital slickline, and the well was placed back into production.

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