A gas injection well 31 was being utilized to aid in the condensate production from the Barco, Guadalupe and Mirador formations. The injection well utilized 15 MSCFD into the Mirador, Barco and Guadalupe formations. After some time in operation and following several injection evaluations, it became clear that most of the gas injected was entering the upper Mirador formation rather than being equally distributed across the three formations as planned.

After an extended review of the situation, the operator decided to work the well over in order to improve the condensate base curve that is associated with the Barco/Guadalupe formations of the neighboring wells. By closing off the perforations in the Mirador, all of the gas injection would enter the Barco and Guadalupe formations and be produced in the two adjacent wells, 40Z and H38. The Mirador had three sets of perforations requiring isolation, which are the intervals (15,500-ft – 15,630-ft) / 15,500-ft – 15,400-ft) / (15,290-ft – 15,390-ft). (See Figure 1).

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