With the rising industry trend in multilateral completions, there is a cost and productivity benefit resulting from increasing the efficiency of entry and cleanout of lateral wellbores. Cleanout operations are proven to improve production from laterals and there exists a variety of different options of wash tools on the market. Among these wash tools, slow rotating wash tools have been proven to be more efficient during cleanout operations when compared to traditional wash nozzles. A new and commercially viable approach combines a hydraulically activated multilateral entry system with a slow rotating wash tool to increase the efficiency of downhole lateral cleanouts while utilizing technology and tools that are on the market today.

This paper presents an improved method of lateral cleanout with a system consisting of a high torque indexing tool for orientation, a hydraulic knuckle joint with a bleed port to generate a pressure drop indication, a shearable choke sub to enable high rate cleanout and a rotating wash tool with modified centralizer body and interchangeable nozzles. For well cleanout efficiency, the articulated length of the toolstring and the centraliser OD can be optimised to ensure the slow rotating wash tool nose is as centralised as possible.

The system was set up in an example job scenario and a mock cleanout performed to simulate operations. The job demonstrated the operation of the multilateral entry system and the confirmation pressure changes expected to be witnessed during the job. High rate cleanout rates were achieved by shearing the choke sub and considerations for setup and configurations discussed. The need for lateral entry and efficient cleanout will only increase as more laterals require stimulation intervention and this paper presents an option for providing a cost-effective, efficient cleanout operation.

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