Well was spudded on Sept. 8th, 1991 as a horizontal oil producer offshore Europe. The lower horizontal completion had multi stage proppant fracs and the well was handed over to Production on Dec. 14th 1991. The well was worked over in November 2011 when the upper completion was changed and subsequently was shut in in February 2015 when it failed Subsurface Safety Valve (SSSV) inflow tests.

As a result of the SSSV inflow test failures, it was treated with acid but without success and it was concluded that the flow tube was stuck in the open position possibly due to the presence of scale - as a result the decision was made to look into the possibility of re-activating the SSSV using wireline techniques. In October 2015 several gauge cutters, broaches and brushes were run in the well to clean scale down to the SSSV at 1560ft. A task Launcher was run into the well to treat the flow tube and reinstate the well into service, upon treatmeant with task launcher scale from above and dropped ontop of the task launcher and slickline was unable to move, and since it proved impossible to retrieve the tool string, a wire cutter was dropped and the slickline was retrieved - the fishing neck remaining was gauged and determined to be clean.

Subsequently when the fishing tool string and HD pulling tool were run the fish was latched and some 50-60 jars applied without movement of the fish being seen. Acid was dumped on top of the fish and an additional 60 jars applied without success. By this time some 26 days of operations had been completed without any progress being made operations were suspended and Bridge Plug was set to secure the well.

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