A proprietary design using a pyro-mechanical, electrically initiated, kinetic energy enabled shearing action has safely and reliably delivered on the promise of "Shear Anything" and seal successfully.

The kinetic blowout stopper (K-BOS) will shear anything in the well above the bit thus eliminating non-shearables from the oil & gas lexicon. Further a superior clean fish with minimal deformation is produced by the kinetic shearing action. The K-BOS will shut-in full flow and pressure blowouts in milliseconds with its simple protected hermetically sealed construction for unparalleled post–shearing sealing performance and dramatically reduce extremely deadly and damaging flammable and/or toxic gas releases. With unrivalled confidence and reliability with best-in-industry control system monitoring and function testing and actuation techniques, the K-BOS requires virtually zero maintenance because of its simple construction where the working components are not wetted by wellbore fluids until actuation, meaning lower costs and reduced NPT and downtime. Like the automotive air bag, the K-BOS is self-contained and meets US and International deregulation requirements regarding safety and logistics of pyrotechnic devices.

Starting with ballistic modeling technology developed for the military, the models were adapted to the K-BOS application and predicted the outcomes of shearing tests with different common tubulars including traditional "unshearables." A testing regime has been conducted to validate the models, demonstrate repeatability of the results, and demonstrate that a post shear seal could be achieved.

More than 30 test serials with the K-BOS 4-1/16″ prototype including empty well-bore tests, shear tests ranging from 5/16″ wireline to 3-1/2″ Drill Collar with a 1″ Wall Thickness. All tests to date have sheared the target tubular without failure. Multiple materials and configurations have been tested.

In all the shearing tests, the K-BOS successfully sheared the target while achieving all safety objectives. The shear test program has validated the models and has also provided validation data allowing for adjustments to the modeling technology for this specific application and resulting in a high level of accuracy and precision in design and shear performance expectations. The shear testing also showed that the K-BOS can shear without damaging the seals and provides an adequate sealing surface after shearing.

The K-BOS has successfully met technical readiness level 5 (API 17N scale) and is ready to move on to in the field scale shear and seal testing. These results and the continuation to continuing development further the prospects of ensuring the K-BOS achieves its mission to strengthen the industry's social license to operate.

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