The use of an electric drilling tool deployed on wireline is shown to be a safe, efficient and reliable method to penetrate the base pipe in sand screens.

In the case study presented in this paper, a well on a field on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, completed with a Darcy sand screen that was clogged due to scale. A Darcy screen is an expandable hydraulically activated sand screen. An electric drill deployed on wireline was used to drill holes through the base pipe of the screen and into the flow channels to open for production. The tool needed a sufficient anchoring capacity for keeping the drill bit steady as well as accuracy of the drilling process to prevent damaging the underlying filter media. Both the anchor and the drill section of the drilling tool deployed are shown to be designed to meet these specifications. The sequence of the operation is presented, where two circular patterns at different depths with 13 holes each are drilled. At the time of publishing for this paper, the results on production from this operation is not yet known, as the well has not started producing again.

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