A new family of 2 1/8-in. wireline tractor and intervention tools has been developed to enable logging and intervention services in high-temperature deviated or horizontal wells while providing high power levels and maintaining excellent surface communication over long cables.

In many horizontal or highly deviated wells, wireline tractors are a cost-effective solution for conveying logging tools, perforating guns, and intervention tools in comparison with other conveyance options such as coiled tubing. However, performing these logging and intervention services has become increasingly challenging, as well lengths increase and well temperatures rise. Providing the necessary high-power levels and maintaining real-time communication with the wireline tractor, payload, and other conveyed services from surface as operating conditions deteriorate are also problematic. Difficult operating conditions can be sustanined exposure to high temperature, long lossy logging cable, or combination of both. We assessed these challenges in developing key electronic, firmware, and software technologies for the new tractor and tools.

To achieve robust tractor operation at high temperatures, the electrical hardware is designed to withstand operating temperatures of up to 180°C while minimize heat generation. Temperature sensors are placed throughout the tool to monitor system health during operation. Surface-downhole telemetry is optimized to ensure compatibility with long cables. The tool algorithm was developed to maximize mechanical power delivery based on operating conditions. Results are presented from lab-based system level integration tests of the 2 1/8-in. wheeled tractor and intervention tools at temperatures of up to 175°C and delivering more than 1 kW of power on 30,000 ft of logging cables while maintaining communication with the payload.

The technologies described in this paper allow the 2 1/8-in. wireline tractor to perform high power interventions and logging while tractoring in wells previously inaccessible due to depth or temperature constraints.

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