A Coiled Tubing Gas Lift (CTGL) pilot project was implemented in a reservoir with a compositional fluid system in the Casanare foothills area in the northeast of Colombia. This paper presents the life cycle of the project from design to operation including production test results after installation to "revive" wells with high water production and very low gas liquid ratio.

High pressure gas was injected through conventional 1-3/4" and 2" 110 Kpsi coiled tubing, installed inside completion strings and hung to the Christmas tree to reduce cost of the project and avoiding recompletion of the well in a low-cost environment. A pilot project included three well was executed ending 2015, being a world first CTGL for 1-3/4" and 2" CT deployment beyond 12,000 feet.

Challenges for deployment of CT string, well control aspects, barriers for control upon disabling of DHSV and master hydraulic valve among of moderate CO2 corrosion impact were some of the risks associated to this project. A pilot installation on three wells was successful and this paper compiles lessons learnt from this process including candidate selection, deployment, material selection, well intervention and risk assessment among of operational performance and pipe recovery after end of project life.

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