When coiled tubing is used for deliquification of multi-stage hydraulic fractured horizontal wells (MHFHW) in shale gas field, two serious problems arise. The gas-liquid from each fracture interferes with each other in horizontal wellhole, which causes serious energy waste. In addition, some fluids have to flow extra distance, as CT runs through some frac stages. this new design method is developed to solve these two issues. We propose a novel four-step design method for CT deliquification of MHFHW in shale gas field. Firstly, the interact of fluid from each fracture is analyzed by an inflow model, considering the geometry sizes of fracture and horizontal wellhole geometry. Then, the horizontal wellhole is divided into two sections, with CT and without CT, for flow simulation. After that, the multi-phase flow model of CT for MHFHW can be developed based on the results of step 1 and 2. Finally, combining the inflow model and the multi-phase flow model, CT size and depth can be optimized with the objective of minimizing bottomhole pressure and prolonging technological life. As this new design method considered interfered flows from hydraulic fractures and the influence by the CT in horizontal wellhole, it is convenient and meaningful to apply this new method to design the CT deliquification of MHFHW in shale gas field.

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