Abrasive perforating with coiled tubing (CT) has been an industry available technique for several decades now and has proven to be a valuable alternative to conventional perforating with electric line (e-line). The application is even more valuable whenever a high rate or fracture stimulation treatment is to follow because of the significant reduction in tortuosity and pumping friction losses across perforations. One of the primary drawbacks of this type of perforations is that it is a much lengthier process compared to conventional perforating, and it requires large amounts of fluids and additional CT runs in the well to complete. These drawbacks discourage the wide use of the technique for more conventional applications.

This paper discusses a novel approach to abrasive perforating with the first ever use of an acid soluble abrasive material ending with a hydrajet assisted nitrified stimulation. The primary advantage of this abrasive material is that there is no need for additional cleanout runs and changeover of tools, thus significantly reducing operational time and fluid volume. Just as well, the benefits of combining the enhanced connectivity to the reservoir and the hydrajet assisted stimulation were reflected in outstanding gas production results, which exceeded all expectations. And, finally, as an added benefit, given the nature of the focused stimulation, this type of treatment in specific cases can replace plug-and-perf (P&P) or multistage fracturing completions, thus eliminating operational risks and added completion costs.

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