Over the last two decades, advances in robotic technology in the form of wireline tractor devices, well stroker tools, and well milling and cleaning devices have brought to the industry a broad range of applications in deviated and horizontal wells. These technologies often present cost-effective alternatives to proven methods, providing in many cases more precise control of operational parameters and greater access to highly deviated well configurations.

Slickline cable deployment as a means of well intervention operations has long been an industry standard for a wide range of applications. Bottomhole assemblies (BHA) can be designed and configured to set and retrieve a broad variety of valves and plugs required for numerous completion and well maintenance procedures. In general, the setting and retrieving of such components requires a jarring force be applied, either up or down depending on the particular application, to overcome the shear strength of pins inserted in the valves and running or pulling tools to effect the action. In the case of slickline deployment, this force is applied from surface and transferred downhole via cable tension to the jarring device, which can be mechanical or hydraulic depending on the configuration. In deviated wells, the force that is transferable at depth is reduced because of friction contact between the cable and the casing or tubing and other factors, such as fluid weight and viscosity and wellbore debris can further impede the efficient and safe transfer of this force downhole. These variables are sometimes difficult if not impossible to determine and model for, and changes in downhole or surface conditions during the operation can have substantial impacts on its success.

This paper demonstrates a novel approach to fishing a slickline BHA while maintaining control of the slickline cable at surface. A well stroker tool was deployed by wireline tractor to assert the necessary force required to shear a 5/16-in. brass shear pin on an SB running tool attached to the bottom of a slickline tool string. Several procedural and operational modifications resulted in a successful operation.

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