Electric wireline tractor conveyance technology was introduced to Statoil operations in Norway in the mid 1990′s. Uptake was rapid and the technology offerings expanded to include ‘powered mechanical’ services run in conjunction with wireline tractor conveyance – further development and expansion of these services is on-going. This development is to a large extent reflected in global oilfield operations with widespread acceptance and application of these technologies.

Since 2008 a detailed record has been maintained of wireline tractor operations and runs for Statoil operations. This database is used to rapidly identify reference operations for on-going activities but also serves as a source of statistical information useful for strategic planning. The database is currently populated with information on over 900 separate wireline tractor operations and over 3000 individual runs – the vast majority of the data is from operations in Norway with some additional activity in Brazil and on US land operations.

There is a large, and growing, collection of technical papers addressing the technology and operations related to wireline tractor and related services. Most of these publications refer to specific technology descriptions and individual, or collected, case histories. With the aforementioned database of information we believe that there is a good basis for providing a more ‘holistic’ review of the results of applyling tractor and related technology – at least within the context of Statoil drilling and well operations in Norway.

This paper will:

  • Discuss the introduction and uptake of tractor related services within the historical context of Statoil operations in Norway.

  • Provide context in terms of the reservoir, well and operational environments encountered on Statoil operations in Norway.

  • Provide a statistical overview of the applications of wireline tractors and related technologies for Statoil in Norway.

  • Discuss the success rate of various applications of the technology within the context of Statoil operations in Norway.

  • Discuss future challenges and opportunities.

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