Digital Slickline’s capability and flexibility is providing operators with the opportunity to re-think traditional well intervention methodology. The technology provides both traditional mechanical Slickline services in addition to a range of real time downhole measurements enabled by a coated conventional slickline. Digital Slickline does enable multiple services such as production logging and perforating on demand but further significant value is being found when used performing conventional mechanical operations.

This paper will discuss carefully planned and engineered solutions where Digital Slickline was used. In one example it provided a means to accurately correlate the depths of completion components, allowing for the accurate setting of a mechanical isolation plug. The integrity of the plug isolation was verified by use of downhole pressure and temperature measurements. Additionally the upper zone sliding sleeves were located accurately, opened successfully and resulting desired production well flow verified by conducting pressure and temperature logging passes. In another example the technology was again used to prevent separate runs to perform leak detection. Mechanical plugs were set on the same run as logging passes for leak detection. In both examples the well intervention operation lead to a reduction in planned operational time and significant cost savings for the client compared to traditional workover rig operations.

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