Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) had major issues in resolving problems of controlling water production from long strings in dual 9-5/8" completion wells. An economic process of zonal isolation was being investigated by the Company since conventional process of mobilizing a work over rig is expensive and would also result in loss of production from the short string of the well during the workover job. Many technologies through tubing had been tried earlier but did not succeed in positive isolation on a consistent basis. This was a technology challenge presented to Research and Technology Group for identification of a suitable technology. On review of various technologies, it was decided to pilot trial HIP plug from a service provider in one of the dual completion well of KOC. The pilot trial was planned to test functionality and integrity of the plugging process in isolating the bottom zones of the wells by intervening thru tubing.

This paper would exemplify KOC’s new technology identification process, selection, pilot project execution process, trial validation and determination of success criteria.

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