Due to the current market price of natural gas, operators have needed to reduce the overall costs associated with completing a well. Specifically, steps have been taken to significantly lower the costs associated with the mill out of composite frac plugs and frac sleeves using coiled tubing (CT). Shell’s Eagle Ford group has successfully ventured away from traditional milling procedures that included numerous short trips, sometimes referred to as wiper trips. By incorporating a scientific approach and optimizing fluids system technology and bottomhole assembly (BHA) designs, these new methods have enabled us to eliminate short trips all together and produce cleaner wellbores. Ultimately, these new practices have achieved significant reduction in cost and time.

This paper will discuss the past coiled tubing performances and the need for changes. Analysis and theories used to implement and optimize Eagle Ford coil tubing operations will be reviewed. It will review and discuss the changes made such as fluid Quality assurance and controls (QA/QC) improvements, coiled tubing selection, and BHA design. These changes resulted in significant reduction in both cost and time per well and cycle time on a multi well location. These changes are now fully implemented and are the new standard for Shell’s Eagle Ford coiled tubing operations.

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