Cupiagua field, Colombia, is a condensate gas field with typical completions of large tubing sizes, 7in. and 5 ½ in., and some wells experience a serious problem for lifting fluids due to the high water cut and low gas rate. This document presents the case history of a well with complex reservoir damage and a challenging well integrity situation that narrowed the options for well interventions. An operation with coiled tubing(CT) in conjunction with real time telemetry through fiber optics was performed to evaluate the remaining potential of the formation and assess the velocity string option using a 1 ¾ in. CT to reduce the wellbore transverse flow area, thus improving the vertical lift performance. Also, nitrogen was injected at gas rates between 1and 2 MMscf/D to simulate the combination of the velocity string and a gas injection system. The surface and downhole data collected allowed the engineering team to select the best ofseveral options for the recovery of the well.

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