The buildup of the energy services industry in recent years has led to an unprecedented amount of hydraulic horsepower (HHP) available to energy producing organizations. This, combined with the decline of natural gas prices in North America during recent months, has made the energy services market (specifically, pressure pumping) more competitive than ever. Energy services companies must not only provide HHP, but also innovative, efficient solutions and technologies to satisfy the energy producers’ hydraulic fracturing needs. Pinpoint stimulation that uses hydrajet perforating is one such technology that provides both innovation and efficiency.

Historically, setting proppant plugs for interval isolation in horizontal/deviated wells by means of traditional techniques has proven to be challenging for various reasons. As energy producers began drilling more of these types of wells, they created a need for a reliable proppant plug setting technique for multi-interval Pinpoint stimulation operations. The traditional method of setting a proppant plug is by simply reducing the downhole pump rate and increasing the proppant concentration, thereby inducing a near wellbore (NWB) screenout. By starting with a proven Pinpoint stimulation solution and adding a new coiled tubing (CT) deployed bottomhole assembly (BHA), Pinpoint stimulation process efficiencies were increased in many ways, proppant plug setting being just one.

The new BHA enables the proppant plug to be set while hydrajet perforating the next interval, minimizing the time and materials required. It also assists in anchoring and centralizing the hydrajetting tool during perforating operations to help ensure that the jets remain on target with the proper standoff distance. These new developments, as well as those included in the operational procedures for using this new BHA, elevate fracturing treatment efficiencies to a new level.

This paper presents the development of the new BHA from its inception to its current form, including information on its operation. It also details how the new BHA can provide North American energy producers with the process efficiencies they are seeking, and how this BHA can assist energy producers in other areas of the world that are underserved in the area of HHP reach their goals.

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