During well intervention, control of the well is dependent on the integrity of the intervention-service provider’s pressure- containing equipment. The service company’s equipment becomes a safety critical element of the duty holder’s safety case. Also, control of the pipe string being inserted into the well during HWO is critical to successful well control.

One service provider recently developed two safety devices that enhance the safety of pipe handling and pipe control during HWO activities. A pipe-handling winch tension-limiting system (TLS) was created that helps minimize the risk of accidental overload of the HWO pipe-handling ginpole and winch by retraction of the HWO jack while the pipe is connected to both the jack and the ginpole. This device helps minimize the risk associated with pipe-handling counterbalance winches that have been equipped with brakes. Also, a slip-bowl interlock system was developed that helps minimize the risk of two pipe-handling slip bowls being opened simultaneously, which could cause lost control of the pipe that is being run in hole. This new device replaces the industry norm "weevil latch," which is used widely to help reduce this risk.

This paper describes the risks that these two safety-related inventions address and the details of the development projects that brought them to fruition.

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