This is a study of the development and ultimate use of the CT (Coiled Tubing) Firing Transfer System used in three different scenarios and is a comprehensive examination of what specifically is required for use and the contrast between past and present methods in order to quantify perforating efficiency. The Coiled-Tubing-Conveyed CT Firing Transfer System has greatly improved Coiled Tubing perforating efficiencies when multiple zones are to be perforated during a single run in a well. Cost, capability and time, (cost of time) have always been limiting factors in bringing oil or gas to market profitably. The CT Firing Transfer System has been used in many hundreds of wells. An estimated 15,700 individual CT Firing Transfer Systems and perforating guns have fired over 90,000 perforating charges with a very high degree of reliability. The savings at the well site are substantial in direct imbedded equipment and maintenance costs savings to the end user over a period of just 3 years. The simplicity and methods of its use in many different scenarios have been developed and are in use successfully. Although originally developed for Coiled Tubing, the CT Firing Transfer System has also been used for Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) applications.

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