Oil reserves being more and more expensive to develop, which makes it more and more important and beneficial increasing oil recovery on existing fields. To do so, drilling of new wells and side tracks are done, but taking care of existing wells, keeping them healthy and optimum producing, is often the most beneficial method for increased oil recovery.

This paper will focus on what can be done to increase benefit by doing cost efficient well interventions, at the same time as HSE measures are improved, on offshore installations and vessels. The paper will highlight the IOR issue, the potential for increased well intervention work, and focus on what we can do to make this happen.

The paper will present solutions for well intervention from existing well head platforms with or without drilling rigs, and for subsea wells. For existing platforms with drilling rigs, the potential for working in parallel will be described. For subsea wells, main focus will be the increasing need and the limited number of floating rigs, and how we can sort this out in a cost-efficient manner.

Traditional thinking have more or less been: what can we do with what we have - now it must be changed to: what do we need to achieve best results? Main intention with this paper will be to engage oil- and service- companies to innovative IOR thinking, and for inspiration the paper will include some examples of what has been both possible and beneficial.

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