Multi-stage proppant fracturing of horizontal wells has changed the economic landscape of the North American Oil and Gas Industry. Open-hole ball drop completion systems, are an economic solution for many operators, however alternative completions systems are emerging into the marketplace. This paper will describe a novel CT actuated, predominantly cased hole, CT Frac Sleeve completion.

This paper will explain how it works, and how operators are taking advantage of several new capabilities not available in other completion systems. The new capabilities that will be described include better placement control of each treatment and an unlimited number of treatment stages resulting in better drainage of the reservoir.

In addition, this paper will describe how CT and its bottom-hole assembly are not only required to sequentially open each of the CT Frac Sleeves, for each stimulation treatment, but add additional value to the system. How CT enables quick recovery from screen outs, freeing the fracture treatment process engineer to optimize the treatments without the risk of large financial penalties. Further how CT is used to accurately measure the bottom hole pressure during the treatment, also aiding the engineer to optimize the stimulation treatment, ultimately delivering a better stimulation treatment and improving the productivity of the reservoir. Finally, the paper will discuss how the CT BHA has contingent capabilities, as it is equipped with a sand jet perforating device.

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