HP/HT gas wells, especially those in South Sumatra, Indonesia, present many challenges to exploitation operations due to a 408°F bottomhole temperature, a 10,500psi bottom hole pressure at some 11,000ft, and sour gas components of 34% CO2 and 100 – 200ppm H2S.

During the final stages of the completion of one such well, after setting the production packer a wireline run was made with .108″ slick line to recover the plug body from the seating nipple at 11.406ft. While pulling out and with the plug at 6000ft. the well became live without warning, blowing the tool string up the hole and, to contain the well, the drilling BOPs were closed shearing the landing joint which in turn closed the sub surface safety valve. Subsequently the well was successfully completed and prepared for wireline fishing operations.

The wireline fishing operation went on for several days using .108″ wire, during which 45 runs were made with the recovery of only approximately 550ft of wire and so it was decided to call in heavy duty wireline fishing (HDWF) expertise to review the situation and make recommendations as to how to proceed. This resulted in a commitment being made to mobilize personnel and equipment from Aberdeen and the Middle East to carry out the required operations. In the meantime a total of 11 further runs were made in the well using coiled tubing which resulted in recovery of the upper part of the tool string and some additional wire. Fishing operations were recommenced using 7/32″ Supa 75 braided cable with two two/man crews providing 24 hour operation and a project leader located at the clients office to provide for direct liaison. After a total of 17 runs over 6 days of continuous operation, the fish was completely recovered and the well made ready for production.

In this paper the authors will review the situation that was faced, the remedial work done to complete the well, the early fishing operations and the subsequent input of HDWF expertise. They will conclude with a detailed account of the successful HDWF operation – an excellent example of how careful planning, experienced personnel, dedicated project management and a collaborative relationship between the client and service company can lead to a successful outcome.

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