The number of long, extended-reach wells being drilled in the oil and gas industry continues to increase. These wells present complex challenges in completion and intervention procedures because operators demand the same level of performance achieved on shallower wells while providing a cost-effective and safe solution.

To reach deep target depths with coiled tubing (CT), smaller coil must be used because of reel capacity, which limits pumping rates because of pressure and velocity limitations. Many areas have road weight restrictions that will also dictate the size and length of CT that can be used. As an alternative, jointed pipe can be used; however, using jointed pipe reduces the overall efficiency of the process, as continuous pumping cannot be achieved.

The new hybrid system uses both CT and jointed pipe in a single workstring. The system incorporates a unique flapper safety valve that enables seamless functioning of the string in a live well. The hybrid system enables larger CT and jointed pipe to be deployed, which results in higher pumping rates and depths. This reduces the overall job time, while improving safety and efficiency for deeper well applications, including multizone stimulation, cleanouts, drilling, and mill-outs.

This paper presents the hybrid system design and benefits in multizone stimulation, drillouts, cleanouts, and other well-intervention applications. Also included is a case history to demonstrate the success of the system when applied in a multizone fracture-stimulation treatment.

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