Treatment isolation using composite bridge plugs (CP) has been practiced for about 18 years in North America and continues to be among the most economical ways to stimulate horizontal and multi-layer vertical wells. Despite this long experience, many end users still experience problems in these applications because of sub-optimal choices regarding product selection, run-in and removal options, and unrealistic expectations regarding plug life in downhole environments.

This paper will identify best practices for using CPs, based on prior technical papers, field experience, and manufacturers' published data. These practices maximize the chances of successfully installing and removing CPs in multi-zone treatment applications, improving the economics of oil and gas plays requiring multiple stimulation treatments per well.

As multi-zone completion activity increases in regions outside of North America, treatment applications using CPs will also increase in those regions. Realizing the benefits of using CPs in emerging regions will be achieved by learning about best practices from regions with extensive experience in their use.

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