A recently developed system enabling real-time data to be transmitted from intelligent downhole tools to surface recording and display equipment has been in use for over 12 months. This system is engineered so that there is negligible impact on conventional Coiled Tubing operations. Coiled Tubing weights and surface pump pressures are almost unaffected by the presence of this system and ball operated tools can be operated with confidence.

The primary purpose of the system is to allow accurate control of the position of the BHA, previously not achievable with conventional coiled tubing. Trials using this new system have been completed. In addition to confirming the operational ability of the system, the data-stream revealed previously unrecognised information. The benefit of this additional information will enhance the operational success of many coiled tubing operations.

Field operations completed with the system to date, have demonstrated the benefits of a system transmitting downhole information while completing a wellbore intervention. The operations discussed show the advantages of a system that allows accurate depth control while maintaining the functionality of coiled tubing, such as ability to circulate fluids through the coiled tubing and function ball operated tools.

This paper describes the system components, injection equipment and discusses the findings revealed during system trials. Many operations with the system have been completed since introduction and operational and benefits confirmed during these operations are outlined. Operations involving the use of logging tools have been completed and have proven the advantages of the system, with combining the abilities of conventional coiled tubing with real-time coiled tubing logging operations.

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