The coiled tubing (CT) e-line system is ideal to perform real time production logging (PL) in long horizontal wells, however, the wireline cable inside the CT can restrict the pump rate while the large volumes of acid normally pumped could potentially damage the CT pipe's integrity. Furthermore, using two different CT strings, one for pumping acid and another for performing the PL in real time is neither practical nor economical. A common approach is to use a memory PL tool (PLT), with the associated drawback of recording poor quality data or eventual misruns.

To overcome these challenges, a new CT multipurpose system has been developed, allowing real time PL and conventional applications. Leveraging on the telemetry offered by the fiber optic enabled CT (FOECT), already used for downhole measurements while treating in the M field; the new downhole assembly enables the use of standard PLTs in real time mode. At the surface, the converted optical signal is transmitted wirelessly to the PL engineer's portable computer; eliminating the need for conventional acquisition equipment and personnel.

In a world first application, the system was used in a land water injection well, after the stimulation job; obtaining the injection profile log with the same quality measurements as a conventional wireline conveyed log. Moreover, the data demonstrated a uniform injection profile. Additional field applications are also briefly discussed in this paper.

The new multipurpose FOECT reduces the mobilization and logistics otherwise required, as well as the time and cost compared to existing alternatives. This new capability can be extended to other scenarios like offshore or remote environments, where operational costs have a larger impact. Ultimately, the system opens the door for performing diagnosis, treatment and evaluation in a single well intervention mobilization; making CT operations more efficient and providing more data for production engineers.

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