Multi Functional Compact Well Maintenance System Provides the Ability to Evaluate, Maintain and Remediate Mature Wells Providing Cost Effective and Efficient Well Servicing.

In order to maximize production and to extend the economic life of their wells, Operators today face a number of challenges in organizing required services while maintaining cost efficiency. This is particularly true for wells on small or satellite platforms where available space is limited and crane capacity is often insufficient for some standard service equipment to be deployed. This can apply to many of the services required such as capillary string deployment for many forms of chemical injection, safety valve retrofit and remediation, Slickline services, surface readout or memory data acquisition and thru tubing installations such as plug setting. In many cases mobilization of a rig often supplies the only viable option, the cost of which can be prohibitive.

To address these issues a new Well Maintenance System (WMS) has been created which incorporates compact modular units each designed to weigh less than 2000lbs which are easily transportable and can be combined in various ways to provide all of the services which may be needed from a single source.

In this paper the authors will discuss the introduction of this versatile and compact multifunctional WMS which has been specifically designed to provide single source high performance, safe and efficient well service operations without the need for costly rig mobilization.

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