A system has been developed to safely intervene into sub-sea, direct vertical access well from a SPAR with a non- compensated platform rig. The system ensures well integrity and compensation of movement due to heave and tide of all intervention well control equipment. The system will work for wireline, slickline, braided line, and coiled tubing as well as bullhead pumping operations.

The system consists of:

  • Hydraulic latching tool (tree to landing string)

  • High pressure marine riser

  • High torque and/or high pressure landing string

  • Riser tensioner system

  • Surface BOP's

  • Landing string hang off tool

  • Annular slick joint

  • 3-Line FlatPack control lines

  • Clamps for the FlatPack

  • Inline compensator to be suspended from the derrick

Platform movement is compensated with two systems concurrently: the Riser Tensioner System and the Inline Compensator. These systems ensure that no part of the rig-up can be loaded beyond its operational capabilities. Operations are safer and efficient because the systems are passive and minimum real-time human interaction is required once the systems have been rigged up and the operational parameters are set.

Drawings have been prepared to ensure the fit and feasibility of using standard oil field equipment in this environment. Bottlenecks and potential solutions have been identified.

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