Drilling and completion of extended reach (ER) or multilateral wells (MLT) in open hole carbonate reservoirs to maximize the reservoir contact and exploitation has become routine in Saudi Arabia. Initial deep gas development wells were conventional vertical wellbores that were perforated an either acid matrix or fracture stimulated. Experience with the more complex ER and MLT well completions has shown that these wells also require stimulation to remove induced damage or to enhance well productivity. Selectively accessing and stimulating these complex well types completed with open hole laterals is extremely challenging utilizing existing conventional intervention technologies.

A recently drilled dual lateral well completed in the Khuff-C formation with open hole horizontal sections exceeding 3,000 ft was successfully selectively stimulated. This paper describes how each lateral was accessed with coiled tubing (CT) and selectively stimulated using a hydrajetting tool and a new isolation sleeve, which was used for the first time in the world. The excellent post-treatment results achieved are also discussed.

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