Most coiled tubing (CT) interventions are performed in a rigless environment. In fact, this is one of the important drivers for the widespread acceptance and continued growth of the technique for well servicing, especially in the offshore domain where the logistical costs are higher and operational challenges are more complex.

Unlike land-based CT operations where integration is straightforward, the issues of equipment packaging for offshore integration is daunting. Overcoming limitations of crane-load lift capacity and deck space constraints are just part of the problem. Offshore CT units (CTU) are typically packaged as separate modules with components that require integration before any well intervention activity can begin. Rig up and operational efficiency are important design considerations for offshore CTU packages, but overall safety and regulatory compliance are of paramount concern.

A new CTU configuration designed to meet the stringent demands of offshore CT operations was recently introduced. The design focused on key integration and HSE issues relating to the rig-up process. Results from more than 500 jobs performed during a 2-year period, in far eastern offshore environments indicated significant improvements in overall operational efficiency. In addition, the new designs met predefined HSE performance objectives, particularly during equipment rig-up phase.

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