This paper describes the rigless deployment of two swellable-packer assemblies used to isolate a set of perforations in a horizontal cased-hole completion. The purpose of this application was to provide a cost-effective method of isolating a high water-saturated zone in an extended lateral and to facilitate the production of hydrocarbon from the rest of the perforations.

The candidate selected for this application was a horizontal cased-hole well with five sets of perforations in which the water cut increased from 0 to 60% in less than two years of production. A production and water-detection log was acquired and confirmed the top set of perforations as the water-entry point.

Several rigless alternatives, including chemical treatments, inflatable packers, and oil-swellable packers, were evaluated as potential solutions to isolate the perforations. The complexity of placement of chemical water-shutoff treatments in horizontal sections and previous unsuccessful isolations with inflatable packers aided in the selection of an oil-swellable packer as the most suitable solution.

The rigless deployment of two swellable-packer assemblies with 250 ft of blank section to straddle the water-intrusion zone while complying with the necessary well-control barriers presented an operational challenge that was overcome by combining slickline with coiled tubing (CT) services. The solution allowed successful placement of both assemblies in the horizontal section.

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