This paper documents continuation of developments previously reported in SPE 113037 (Ehtesham et al. 2008). After comprehensive testing and the successful development of the first prototype of 1.75-in. outside diameter (OD) coiled tubing (CT), spoolable connectors have been developed with OD sizes ranging from 1.5 in. to 2.875 in., and in different wall thicknesses. An adjustable-height, hydraulic installation stand has also been developed. This paper discusses the details of the installation stand, associated installation tooling, such as the weld-seam removal tool and the hydraulic roll-on tool, and design and testing of the spoolable connector.

The simultaneous development of spoolable connectors in CT sizes of 1.50 in, 1.75 in., 2.0 in., 2.375 in. and 2.875 in. provided a better understanding of the fatigue behavior of spoolable connectors and their parent tubing. One of the challenges encountered was the ability to pass tools, such as chemical cutters. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has been used to allow quick design changes and verification to permit custom applications, such as larger inside diameter (ID). Physical tests, such as the fatigue machine test with pressure and the tensile and torque test, will be discussed along with virtual studies of BOP shear-ram functionality on spoolable connectors and flow properties through ID restriction.

The installation stand for field usage of spoolable connectors is designed to overcome obstacles, such as reverse bending and straightening of pipe. The stand can be raised 16 ft to accommodate a variety of spooling-drum heights. The stand also offers two independent hydraulic clamps on each end to grab the pipe more securely during installation. A hydraulic winch is provided on the stand to grab the ends of both the donor and receiver spools. The stand offers flexibility for multiple installation configurations, such as bottom-to-bottom, top-to-top, and application to tapered OD strings, without much intervention needed from rig cranes. The stand is hydraulically operated and does not require a hot work permit.

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