A new system for running and cementing liners using Electric line coiled tubing has been proven on the North Slope of Alaska. The SELRT, the Side Exhaust Liner Running Tool, gives the functionality to run and release a liner while utilizing a liner wiper plug system to ensure good cement quality. A jointed pipe liner is conveyed and cemented with the coiled tubing containing an electric umbilical.

This innovative equipment has proven to be a substantial HSE benefit and savings in rig time when compared to a more conventional liner running system. Older systems used in Alaska required switching to an electric line free coiled tubing reel prior to running and cementing liner. Jointed pipe liners up to 3,700’ long have been successfully run and cemented with electric line coil using the SELRT system, saving an average of 19 hours of rig time per well.

This paper will describe the system development including pumping test slurries of cement through electric line coiled tubing, confirming that dropping balls is possible through electric line coiled tubing and the development and use of the new liner running equipment. Several successful liner running and cementing jobs will be reviewed. This is now the standard liner running equipment used for wells drilled with coiled tubing in the Prudhoe Bay field.

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