Sand accumulations in high angle wellbores inhibits production, plugs completions, erodes hardware and blocks access to downhole jewelry, such as valves and sliding sleeves. Bailing on sick line wire is the preferred, low cost method to clean sand and debris in vertical wells but slick line can not often reach in high angles. Conventional remediation methods for high angles use either Coiled Tubing or an expensive rig to remove sand and debris. This paper presents a rigless alternative to sand, debris or scale removal utilizing a combination of well tractor technology and a new vacuum/bailer system all conveyed on electric wireline.

Tractor technology is a proven tool as a conveyor of services in high angle wells. Combining a tractor with a well cleaning system provides the means of accessing and removing debris either selectively in one run or over a general area in multiple runs. These electric line powered tools can be mobilized quickly with less crew, and for far less cost than a coiled tubing mobilization. Following the sand removal, evaluation of the source of the sanding problem can then be performed with E-line inspection services during the same rig up.

Three case examples will be presented demonstrating the three different cleaning methods: liquid environment vacuum system, dry environment auger system and scale milling system. Each example will detail the unique cleaning head and bailer system used for the given completion and problem.

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