Innovative new technologies in coiled tubing (CT) manufacturing will present new opportunities in the industry. The new technology represents a 4th generation CT manufacturing process known as the Continuous Variable Reduction (CVR) process. A brief overview of current manufacturing technology will be presented followed by key elements of the new CVR 4th generation manufacturing technology. Then, the advantages of the CVR technology will be presented along with examples of new products to come from CVR.

Continuous Variable Reduction (CVR) technology has application in the manufacture of variable outside diameter, variable wall thickness, and variable strength all within the same CT string. There is also application in the manufacturing of small diameter, heavy-wall, high-pressure strings. The CVR process will produce CT without internal weld beads.

The significance of the ability to manufacture coiled tubing with variable OD, variable wall thickness, and varying strength levels without the typical ring or "butt" welds now required to join multiple diameters represents a significant advance in coiled tubing manufacturing technology.

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