Some clients of coiled tubing service companies increasingly demand inspection of the tubing immediately prior to or during field operations. There is a lack of suitable available equipment for inspection of tubing for wall thickness and ovality deficiencies, particularly where operation in potentially explosive atmospheres is required.

Technologies exist for the inspection of wall thickness and ovality in both maintenance facilities and on operational locations but are commercially available only as a third party service; only one such service is known to be certified for explosive atmosphere use and all require trained technicians.

This paper presents a new wall thickness and ovality measuring tool engineered for reliable field use and which needs no specialist inspection personnel. By combining custom-designed fiber-optical transducers and magnetic flux leakage (MFL) principles, electrical apparatus is eliminated from the explosive area and certification is not required. The unique fiber-optic system design contributes significantly to the ruggedness and reliability of the inspection system.

Performance data from field service will be presented.

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