Recent advances in drilling technology have resulted in longer horizontal wells being drilled to more efficiently exploit reservoirs. However, these long open hole horizontals are often problematic when using coiled tubing as the well intervention conveyance system during stimulation.

Coiled tubing, a commonly used intervention tool for open hole horizontals, is considerably less stiff than jointed drill pipe and cannot reach TD on many wells due to friction. Assistance from friction reducers, well tractors or other devices have helped, but can be potentially damaging, expensive and/or high risk.

This poster details the use of a simple agitation tool placed in the coiled tubing bottom hole assembly during the stimulation. This results in decreased friction which in turn increases reach for coiled tubing thereby allowing full horizontal open hole stimulation treatment.

The case study that is presented on the performance of the agitation tool used in coiled tubing stimulations in long horizontal open hole sections of a hot, sour reservoir with a total measured depth up to 7 kilometers.

Suncor Energy has utilized this process in the development of its Panther River reservoirs in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin with excellent results. Benefits discussed include reduced completion cost and reduced environmental impact.

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