Well A was drilled and completed in 2004 with smart intelligent completion. Total length of the well was nearly 6000 meter; it was very long complex horizontal "snake type" section (up to 3500 meter) with a smart completion, remote control of surface Flow-Control-Valves (FCV), Inflow Control Valves (ICV) for surface controlling of production from each zone, down-hole temperature and pressure gauges for monitoring each individual zone and A hydraulically controlled down hole choke (lower/upper valve) to control the inflow.

The well was completed in all upper sand packages. The upper two zones were perforated prior ran the completion using TCP (Tubing Convey Perforation) guns on drill pipe whilst rig is on site. The lower zones were to have been perforated after the completion was run, but there were completion difficulties such as plug could not be pulled to allow access the lower completion for further well intervention and completion i.e. logging and perforation.

This paper will show coil tubing operations success and challenges in a very complex horizontal "snake" type well for perforations and completion. Also setting up a milestone of Coil tubing confront and technical limit. Also will describe the processes, engineering and job execution associated with the successful running of CT in a very complex environment and pushing the CT limit envelope. Several innovative techniques were utilized; using coiled tubing tools, hydraulic jars and hammers. Overall, this paper is intended to share the knowledge and unique experiences gained during this innovative CT perforation and completion intervention on this well, which lead to the well to produce 2-2.5 million m3/d gas and 800 m3/d condensate.

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