Multilateral wells provide optimal recovery of reservoir pay and can become more prolific with stimulation or cleanout treatments. Downhole tools exist that index and allow the coiled tubing string to find and enter additional legs; however, they function using flow rate modulation. Any additional tool component beneath the multilateral tool that requires high pressure will suffer in performance because of the indexing multilateral tool. This technical paper addresses the performance of a new system that allows the indexing tool to find the lateral and then effectively treat the reservoir through the stimulation tool at the end. The entire cycle can be repeated for all laterals in the wellbore.

The results of field tests using this multilateral jetting system were similar to what was seen in yard tests perform at test facilities in Rosharon TX. Field tests showed that operating parameters produced clear indications that the system was operating correctly. All legs were efficiently and effectively treated to improve well production. Additionally, this system reduced the number of trips into the well from three to one, resulting in a 50 % reduction of time at the client's well site.

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