Production - Pressure - PLT - RST – GHOST – CBL -Permeability - Porosity - Cement Squeeze - IP


A non-rig Coiled Tubing Unit (CTU) cement squeeze technique has been developed and proven since years. This technique does not require that the well be killed. But problems can arrive during the operation and compromise it. For that a study was undertaken on the squeeze cement operation, realized on hassi r'mel field well.

Hassi R'mel field is a gas condensate reservoir with a superposition of three layers A - B - C having very good petrophysic characteristics and a rather significant oil rim in the Eastern and Southern peripheries.

Producing wells were drilled in the Northern part - Central -Southern with two lines of dry gas injection.

Production of water with high salinities disturbed the good production of the wells, which generated negative effects to the gas processing units.

It was necessary to decrease rate of flow of these wells to be able to decrease the volume of water, which generates a loss in the production of gas. In certain case it is necessary to close the well completely.

RST - PLT - GHOST were recorded on these wells to determine the origin of this water influx and a CBL was recorded to see the state of the cement of liners.

Following the results of the operations carried out, a study was undertaken in order to see the method to be used for the optimization of these wells:

  • Avoid placing a bridge plug for the layer C, because one will lose a good part of production of gas, since this level is more prolific than the other levels.

  • Isolate the places and perfos which produces water by a cement squeeze.

The purpose of this presentation is to show:

  • the problems which can occur during operation of coiled tubing; and the reasons of squeeze cement failure.

  • to show a real case carried out on hassi r'mel field

  • the advantages and disadvantages of use the coiled tubing.

  • solutions to adopt to improve the use of coiled tubing.

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