A key element of maximizing injection and withdrawal rates in gas storage fields is minimizing skin damage of the completions. A highly efficient completion technique can reduce the number of storage wells required to produce and refill a storage zone. It also reduces the cost of installation and operation of the compression equipment required to achieve commercial injection and withdrawal rates. The current completion methodology involves conventional overbalanced drilling through to the target zone. Casing is run and cemented from TD with communication to the reservoir achieved by perforating. Skin damage is typically reduced by flowback and acid stimulation of the well to remove drilling mud and filter cake. A different approach utilizing underbalanced vertical deepening, or "well finishing" with coiled tubing was employed in the Huntsman Storage Field, Nebraska and the Sayre Storage Field, Oklahoma in an effort to further reduce skin damage. The wells were conventionally drilled and cased to the cap rock of the storage zone then the final stage of drilling to TD was performed underbalanced by a coiled tubing unit. The storage zone was completed openhole.

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