The use of coiled tubing (CT) in fracturing was uncommon until a few years ago. Its applications have usually been limited to small jobs, and in reality, CT stimulation treatments have often been limited to acid placement treatments. With the inception of hydrajet fracturing technology, the use of CT has become more popular. Historically, CT fracturing methods were limited to placement of small fractures in the formation, and in some acidizing situations, near-wellbore damage-bypass methods.

CT technology has progressed until now it is used to place large fractures, some reaching over 600-ft half-lengths. Obviously, in most formations, such fracture sizes would not be possible with fluid delivery originating from the CT alone, so the use of the annulus to deliver the primary fracturing fluid becomes vital. This paper discusses the knowledge gained from recent field applications that have used this new annular path hydrajet-fracturing technology. Unique features of this technology are presented. Added benefits, such as the ability to deliver large proppant volumes, will be a focal point of this paper.

Case studies involving placement of multi-fracture treatments in three wells treated with this procedure will be discussed. Production improvements experienced in these wells will also be presented.

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