Coiled tubing (CT) is being pushed to the limits of its capability by the more complex and challenging nature of wells currently being drilled. Either the yield limits are being approached because of the extremely deep high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) wells, even with the use of 100,000-psi strength CT, or the reach capability is being surpassed by the long step out of horizontal wells. To accurately predict the results of such an intervention, the planning phase must include detailed modeling combined with previous experience.

This paper will describe the theoretical effect that static friction would have on CT well interventions and compare this with the actual values found through the analysis of data recorded real time on the same wells. Static friction will be quantified in a number of HPHT wells and the resulting effect on the force required to pull out of hole will be presented. Testing performed to evaluate the static friction through the stripper will also be presented. These values will be used to help ensure the CT well bore friction is accurately quantified.

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