This paper will discuss the development of abrasive cutting technology deployed via coiled tubing for cutting production tubing, drill pipe, drill collars, exotic stainless steel completion components, single strings of casing and multiple strings of casing. This technology is performed utilizing a sealed bearing, positive displacement motor and a cutting head along with conventional coiled tubing tools and conventional coiled tubing. This technology gives operators an additional tool when severing of the drill string or production tubing is required.

Additionally the paper will discuss perforating tubing and casing using abrasives, particularly in horizontal wells where conventional wire-line operations are not possible.

The paper will discuss:

  1. Utilizing a positive displacement motor to perform abrasive cuts via coiled tubing,

  2. Design and testing phases of the abrasive cutting system,

  3. Initial field runs to prove the viability of this technology,

  4. Total jobs completed to date,

  5. Lessons learned throughout the process,

  6. Where this technology leads from here.

The paper will also discuss future applications for this technology which include cutting casing for plug and abandonment programs, permanent packer retrieval, and abrasive perforating all deployed via coiled tubing.

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