The application of information technology (IT) tools in the exploration and production industry has extended and enhanced conventional oilfield practices by promoting better communication and technical collaboration between expert personnel and the wellsite. Effective, real-time data delivery has become a key component in improving knowledge sharing, the time-to-decision process, and performance in well interventions.

As the coiled-tubing (CT) industry expands, more-effective communication with the wellsite becomes critical to facilitating successful operations. The availability of job data allows evaluation of the design and its execution as the job progresses; optimization of the treatment; and the making of more accurate, informed decisions during the course of the operation to improve the overall execution and reduce operational costs.

CT operations have shown a significant process-improvement trend and better project economics as a result of real-time supported operations. This paper discusses the concept of real-time supported CT operations and the use of data delivery to improve decision-making in the CT industry, outlines the technology and interface involved in the data-delivery system, details the specifications required to meet the data-transfer definition, and demonstrates its target application and potential impact in the CT industry.

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