A new workover motor, incorporating equidistant power section technology, has demonstrated that it can produce more torque for milling/workover operations and can operate at higher temperatures than previous positive displacement motor (PDM) designs. This paper discusses the operating principles of PDM tools to show how the equidistant technology increases efficiency and improves performance. In addition, the paper presents laboratory and operational test examples that verify the performance improvements. Three case histories demonstrate how this technology has reduced the cost of well intervention through higher Rates of Penetration, reduced milling times, fewer trips to surface and increased equipment reliability.

The new technology incorporates a unique and innovative "equidistant" power section design. The power section is made with a proprietary, contoured stator manufacturing process that reduces the motor’s rubber content considerably for higher efficiency, lower friction and less distortion. The case histories presented here discuss applications that previously would have been considered too risky or impractical for standard PDM motors. The case histories also substantiate that this power section technology is more tolerant when exposed to higher temperatures, pressures and fluid solids.

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