This paper examines the use of coiled tubing deployed thru-tubing inflatable packers in a straddle configuration. Many times this straddle option can be used to prolong the life of a well without the time-consuming and resource-sapping operation of having to perform a complete well workover. Couple the resulting economics with the operational advantages of not having to kill the well and a completion in situ inflatable straddle option may and has offered operators in the global oil and gas industry a very real and viable option.

During the course of this paper the inflatable straddle option is examined and discussed as is the operational deployment and options of such a system. Running a single trip straddle and running a multiple trip down hole assembled system are highlighted. Four case histories will be disseminated to provide a balanced opinion on the effectiveness of such a system. The four case histories include a chrome system to match the already installed completion metallurgy and the highlighted wells will vary in geometry up to that of a horizontal gas well.

The paper goes on to discuss the longevity of such a system with at the time of submitting this abstract one of the featured systems having been in position in a producing environment for in excess of five years.

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